IGO-POST relatiegeschenken

Technologies used

IGO-POST was the first E-Commerce project I worked on and my introduction to Intershop. I was put in a team with people that already had a few years experience. They helped me find my way in the maze of the Intershop world.

Since the system is built in a unique way and is completely closed source I needed help from the people around me, as Google was no option this time around.

I was slowly introduced by converting HTML design pages into ISML (JSP with an extra layer on top) to get a grasp of the presentation layer and how to show information correctly in specific situations that are unique to E-Commerce and IGO-POST.

Intershop - ISML

The next step was to learn how to get the data and send it to the presentation layer. Where I started implementing basic functionality and quickly moved on to the more complex systems in the checkout. The way data is sent to the presentation layer is unique to Intershop and consists out of connecting "blocks". Each "block" represents a certain action or decision that needs to happen in a specific flow. All these connected blocks are called "pipelines".

Intershop - Pipelines

During my time in this project I was considered in training. Because Intershop had spread out their knowledge in multiple guides and online help-desk pages, I decided to create my own "Beginners Guide for Intershop". This was to to be used internally.

It would make it easier for other people to learn how to work with Intershop without having to search for the information, something all new people had to do each time. A lot of my time was spent browsing on the support site looking for answers to basic questions, I hoped that the central guide would save time for other people, which I'm sure it does.

What I worked on in the project was to create a complete new layout and to make a more dynamic checkout process. After completing the project customizing your logo would happen on one page completely handled by ajax requests and JavaScript.

IGO-POST - LogoviewAnother functionality that I helped implement was called Technologo. This allowed visitors of the site to upload their own logo, and this would appear on all product images available on the website. This greatly improved the personalized experience.

In conclusion I learned the basics of Intershop during this project and slowly moved on the the more advanced functionality that was available in the system. It also allowed me to get more into the E-Commerce terminology and systems that work behind the scene.